Welcome to Rebar Supply

2/21/2018 4:12:22 AM

Rebar Supply, Inc. is located in Oak View, California.  We service customers in the counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles from Santa Luis Obispo to Santa Monica.

We sell fabricated rebar, stock material and epoxy coated reinforcing steel along with block and tie wire to contractors and the general public.

We specialize in fabrication and installation of reinforcing steel, building caissons and installing rebar for custom residential homes.

We have over 20 experience in the reinforcing steel industry. We strive to meet your needs with quality service and competitive pricing.

We have in-house detailing for plan take-offs and can produce shop drawings for state and federal work.

Check out our online Rebar Estimator which calculates the weights of rebar and the Concrete Estimator which calculates the the volumes for caissons, slabs and gradebeams.  Estimates can be printed from your browser or saved to an Excel file.

Rebar Cage

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